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BACCHUS THE MUSICAL began life as POMPEII THE MUSICAL in Wilmington, North Carolina at a 12-performance workshop in Nov 2005. Dorothy Papadakos’ original show (book, music & lyrics) was a smash hit production breaking box office records at historic Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Arts. Reviews for POMPEII are below, including being named Encore Magazine’s “Best Theatre Production of 2006.”

The sold out production comprised 23 Equity & Non-Equity Broadway, regional and local actors; a 15-piece orchestra with musicians from Broadway, the Kennedy Center and UNCW’s Music Faculty; a Creative Team featuring Broadway veterans Don Sebesky, Kay Cameron, Tom Briggs and acclaimed choreographer Ray Kennedy.

Reviews for BACCHUS, A New Musical
(formerly POMPEII)

“For the Love of Lava!  Tickets to POMPEII, A New Musical are as hot as volcanic rocks.  The original show, written by local resident Dorothy Papadakos, has become the first show to reach $100,000 in ticket sales at Thalian Hall.”
The Hot Spot, Wilmington Star News

“Clap for the Crème de la Crème: POMPEII The Musical voted 2006 Best Theatre Production.  For a town its size, people take theatre seriously here.  Opinion came at a frequent pace this year when concerning the best production.  POMPEII the Musical, written and composed by Wilmington native Dorothy Papadakos, came out on top.  POMPEII made for a unique and impressive stage show.  Complete with scandal and love affairs, Papadakos brought the ancient story to life in showing Bacchus, the ancient god of wine, and his attempts to save the doomed city.”
Encore, Cape Fear’s Arts & Entertainment Guide

“Pompeii introduces a distinctive new voice in the American theatre, Wilmington resident Dorothy Papadakos.”
Thalian Hall Main Attractions 2005-6

“Ms. Papadakos has written an impressive body of songs.  Conductor Jonathan Rose and his 15-member orchestra give the entire score richness and refinement.  The cast’s vocals are impressive, combined with the ability of the musicians.” 
Wilmington Star News

“POMPEII erupted to a packed house.  The opening music permeated the theatre aggressively and with power that deserved the overwhelming applause it received.  It’s the mischief that comes through clearly, as much of POMPEII’s humor revolves around political infidelities, with a rather catchy score suggesting it sometimes takes an eagle to kill a snake.  Pompeii the Musical has already broken box office records at Thalian Hall and everybody involved can take great pride in bringing its dream this far.  With so many creative minds at the helm, I doubt this musical will lay dormant for long.  It’s definitely a production that shouldn’t be missed.”
Encore, Cape Fear’s Arts & Entertainment Guide

“Papadakos has met with much success in her efforts to produce POMPEII the Musical.  Thousands of big name actors showed up for the show’s New York auditions, virtually unheard of for the premiere of un unknown play. The show’s creative team reads like a virtual ‘who’s who’ of industry names.”
Focus on the Coast

“Pompeii’s two week run at Thalian Hall brought out record crowds.”
Wilmington Magazine

“Never before have I seen Thalian’s stage look quite so small, and that’s not a bad thing. I pass the credit onto the larger-than-life actors who navigate confidently through uncharted territory. There is elaborate amounts of eye candy to indulge upon: textured qualities and abundance of color in the costumes, constant activity from flipping acrobats, movement and dance … all impressive features. [Pompeii’s] opening here can be something to take pride in and to be thankful for.”
Encore, Cape Fear’s Arts & Entertainment Guide

Kay Cameron
Dorothy Papadakos
Don Sebesky

Elaine Werner
Tom Briggs
Dorothy Papadakos