Hard living wine critic DINO DIONYSIOU's life is on the rocks. During a tasting of Napa wines created from DNA in Pompeii's volcanic ash (true fact), Dino's jealous brother VICTOR crashes the party. Secrets erupt over their famous father's death and winery. Exotic wine master JULIA hopes this tasting will revive Dino's destiny to make wine, with her by his side. The Aug 24, 2014, Napa Earthquake hits. Dino is knocked out. Teetering between life & death in an out-of-body experience, he becomes BACCHUS, Ancient Rome's rock star God of Wine, Theatre, and Ecstasy. His darkness lifts as Bacchus, discovering life's beauty, humor, pleasures & the art of wine full tilt...1 until worlds collide across time. Bacchus' jealous brother VULCAN, the God of Fire, ignites Mt. Vesuvius on Aug 24, 79AD destroying Pompeii, the Grand Cru of Bacchus' existence. On the brink of extinction, Bacchus cleverly rewrites his destiny back to life, love, and joy. Dino gets the girl, gets the winery, gets his revenge, his heart, and life forever UNCORK'D.