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“Dorothy is so creative and improvisational and daring with the organ, it’s bordering on the illegal,” says Philippe Petit, the French high-wire artist.”  

                                                                                  — The New York Times

"Dorothy is endowed with a spirit of perpetual Springtime. She is always blossoming on whatever creative path she has chosen for the moment, overbrimming with new ideas and enthusiasm. Our world is lucky to have her.”

                        — Paul Winter, Saxophonist, Composer, 6-Time Grammy Award Winner

"I have rarely sat amongst an audience that was so rapt. The two little girls next to me, perhaps 6 and 8, who were in constant motion before the screening, were absolutely silent and motionless once it began and remained so for the entire movie. Credit must go to Mr. Murnau, of course, but also to Papadakos' accompaniment.  It fit the story and the feel of the movie perfectly. It was beautifully done. I felt like I was back in the early part of the 19th Century and her music was a big part of that feeling.” 

                                                                — Spencer Beckwith, Performance New Mexico

                                                                        KUNM 89.9FM Albuquerque/Santa Fe, NM

“For the Love of Lava! Tickets to POMPEII, A New Musical [now UNCORK’D] are as hot as volcanic rocks. The original show, written by local resident Dorothy Papadakos, has become the first show to reach $100,000 in ticket sales at Thalian Hall.”                                                                                                               — Wilmington Star News, NC  

“Dorothy is a creative genius musically and artistically, that rare blend of passion and excellence that comes so rarely. She is one among millions. Grace and talent in abundance!”

                            — Judy Collins, Grammy Award winning Singer, Songwriter & Author

"Dorothy Papadakos is one of the most gifted, talented artists I’ve ever met. She has a gracious inner beauty as well as a lively passion for music and theatre ... she is a national treasure!!” 

                — Linda Lavin, Golden Globe, Tony & Obie Award winning Actress & Singer

“Shades of Green CD: Dorothy Papadakos brings a daring new multi-cultural programming. This is her most daring album so far. It contains brilliant, colorful improvisations … Papadakos always seems able to blend disparate elements into a viable whole. The people of New York are fortunate to have a versatile musician of such diverse vision performing in their midst.”

"When one has the privilege of hearing an improvising interpreter, even composer, such as Papadakos creating a rich tapestry of organ colors to illustrate a film, the effect is truly magical. Through a continual musical fabric, she can change the mood seamlessly in an instant from lugubrious menace to joyous frolic. Papadakos chose, rightly I think, to use only her original music, making the flow more integrated. And with the death of the Phantom, Chaney insanely leering until the end, Papadakos filled the spacious St. John’s Cathedral with waves of horrific sound as the Phantom sinks lugubriously into the Seine.This was the way the film was intended to be shown."

                                                                                    — D.S. Crafts, Albuquerque Journal

Carol Williams' collaborative organ recital presented an adventurous program with cutting-edge repertoire equal to that of our finest symphonic orchestras and jazz clubs. The concert opened with the premier performance of Dorothy Papadakos' commissioned work La Petite Suite, a fresh and delightful addition to organ repertoire. The first movement (Louis XIV's Fountains) featured toe-tapping rhythms, with the organ integral to the jazz ensemble in the skillful scoring. In true jazz tradition, each instrument took its own turn at a solo riff. In the two movements that followed (Père Lachaise Cemetery and Picnic in Provence), the organ played a jazz role similar to the Baroque continuo.

                                                                  — John Walker, American Guild of Organists  

Kingdom of Winter Cover.jpg

What Scientists, Educators & Readers are saying about "The Kingdom of Winter"

“Grab the child in you and the child nearest to you and read aloud The Kingdom of Winter. This is a tale told by a master. Dorothy Papadakos presents the urgency of Climate Change as a fantasy novel and artfully weaves science – and a really scary story – into a fable that sweeps us up and holds us rapt to its conclusion. I, the adult scientist, loved it. It explains Climate Change to today’s youth in a way they can hear. The fantasy does not obscure the science. She gets her facts right and presents them in a highly accessible format. Brava, Ms. Papadakos.” 

                           — Riva Krut, PhD, former VP & Chief Sustainability Officer, Linde PLC

"As Dell’s Guest Speaker on Climate Change in June 2022, Dorothy Papadakos led a highly engaging discussion on The Kingdom of Winter with our team members. Thanks to her expertise, creativity and contagious energy, those who attended left feeling inspired and equipped to have conversations about Sustainability and Climate Change with their children."

                                 — Holly LaRose, Support Services Advisor, Dell Technologies

“Aligned directly with the UN Sustainable Goal on Climate Action, Dorothy Papadakos’ text brings Climate Change to life in a developmentally appropriate way. Simply stated, teachers are excited about this transdisciplinary learning opportunity and students love reading such an exciting story!”

                            — Josh Hunter, STEM Magnet Educator & Developer of STEM 

                                Curriculum for The Kingdom of Winter; Senior Administrator

                                for Magnet Curriculum Support & Outreach, Wake County Public

                                School System, NC

Aurora iStock License #1_edited.jpg
Kingdom of Winter Cover.jpg

“From the Master Storyteller herself, The Kingdom of Winter is beautifully crafted as a tale one experiences rather than reads. It is as insightful and entertaining as Winnie the Pooh and his very blustery day on his way to his Thoughtful Spot. From oil-eating microbes to carbon sequestering plants, Papadakos reminds us who Earth’s real-life superheroes are. Now awaiting Sir Windham’s next adventures in The Kingdom of Spring!”

                                        — Ailsa Clarke B.Sc., M.Sc., PGCEA,Author, Former Professor

                                             at  MSU NJ and Microbiologist Consultant on The 

                                             Kingdom of Spring

“Dorothy Papadakos creates a magical world that projects the destruction of our world unless we learn how to coexist with each other and Earth itself. She has remarkable insights into our human frailties and the science upon which our understanding of Climate Change is based. This is a very worthwhile read for the young and those not so young.”

                                          — Howard Yonas MD, Professor Emeritus, University of New

                                               Mexico Chairman Department of Neurosurgery

"Climate Change is upon us — just look out the window! The Kingdom of Winter is a great way to introduce this huge topic at a dinner table. Every detail has been deeply researched with great joy and delight. Did you know that a Sun Dog is a real meteorological event? Let Sir Windham take your kids by the hand and guide them through Climate Change!”

                            — M. M. De Voe, Award winning Author & Founding Director of Pen

                        and Editor of The Kingdom of Winter

Kingdom of Winter Cover.jpg

“Reading The Kingdom of Winter is like meeting the wind in person and being whisked away with them on a gust of adventure! This was the first book I read that centered the environment as the main character and personified nature instead of it just being background or something to be pillaged. It helped me recognize the importance of Nature Conservation as a kid.”

                                    — Haley Grable, Master’s Degree student in Environmental

                                         Engineering, University of Nevada at Reno

“I have read the book twice! I ABSOLUTELY ❤ IT IS AWESOME. I REPEAT IT IS AWESOME!!!!! When is book two coming out? Sir Windham left me on a total cliffhanger. My friend Guillermo at school, he is really interested in your work and he's asked about your book, he wants to read it. Again your book was so cool and I can’t wait until the next one!”

                                                                                                            — Meher H, age 11

The Kingdom of Winter should be required reading for all youth so they can be the change that heals our planet. Dorothy Papadakos' spell-binding writing style draws readers into a magical world that mirrors our endangered real world: ski resorts in the Western USA that once averaged 800" of snow now get less than 300”. Lakes have shrunk by over 50%. Winter, actually, IS in trouble. Young and old, we each must learn to do our part to reverse the unsustainable conditions of Climate Change. Papadakos’ imaginative use of scientific facts inspires our imaginations to do just that.”        

                                                                                                 — Dr. Valerie Harris, DMA

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